Support a variety of ordering methods, including waiter order, scan code order, self-service order, etc
Significantly improve the efficiency of ordering and relieve the pressure of busy hours

  • Waiter ordering

    ordering and cashier integration, accomplishing opening receiving orders, order management and other operations

  • Scan code ordering

    WeChat scan code ordering, remote ordering through the official account,customers order and check out themselves

  • Weican recipes

    exquisite electronic recipes, visualized dishes, suitable for customers of different ages


Aggregate multiple payment methods, including WeChat, Alipay, bank cards, membership cards, bookkeeping, etc., to improve payment efficiency

Combination payment, can choose any payment method, combination payment, flexible and convenient settlement

Access to electronic invoices, customer self-scanning codes for invoicing, easier invoice management



It supports remote pickup number beforehand and arrived store pickup number, and real-time check of queuing progress through QR code
Automatically remind customers to enter the venue, customers can order dishes in advance when they are in line, saving time waiting for meals
One-key operation for calling, dining, and passing numbers, easy control of queue management


Multi-channel booking makes service access more convenient
Support WeChat reservation, phone reservation, in-store reservation, fast order processing, without confusing


Meituan takeaway and Ele Me, all channel takeaway integration which unified order receiving
C-end entrances to accumulate customer information and promote member transformation


Realize the seamless connection from the front hall to the back kitchen

  • Front-store order

    the front-store orders dishes,
    and the order information is transferred
    to the back kitchen immediately in real time

  • After kitchen received orders

    system intelligent dispatch,
    screen real-time reminder,
    dishes cooking orderly

  • Cooking completed

    automatically remind the waiter,
    intelligent control of the food delivery,
    flexible management of the dish schedule

  • Automatic classification of dishes

    intelligently merge the same dishes,
    the chef only needs to make according to the
    number of servings displayed on the screen,
    saving time

  • Automatic reminder by the kitchen

    when the dishes exceed the booking time,the system will automatically urge the dishes,
    and the server can check the progress of the dishes through the ordering equipment

  • Whole process monitoring

    the food delivery management can
    flexibly manage the production progress
    of dishes to ensure the accuracy and efficiency
    of serving dishes


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