Fully hold the life cycle of members

  • Membership activation

    Multi-scenarios and multi-methods to acquire members, from offline consumption scenarios such as booking, queuing, ordering, and payment to online traffic portals such as WeChat official accounts and WeChat coupons, fully integrate customer information and activate potential members
    Provide a variety of member incentive mode, pull the return rate and customer unit price, to achieve efficient conversion

  • Membership growth system

    Deeply cultivate member resources, generate multi-dimensional member portraits, and help precision marketing
    A simple and effective member reward system, including full bonus, recharge and discount, bonus points, birthday gifts to the store, etc., to enhance member loyalty

  • Membership interflow

    Multi-platform members get through, unified maintenance of members, and efficient management
    Multi-store members can communicate with each other, and the stored value can be consumed in a customizable proportion


Accurate promotion of store marketing

  • 01

    Intelligent analysis

    Smart restaurant can digitize the information of customers behavior' arrival such as queuing, ordering and consumption, in order to help merchants to deposit customer data, generate store consumer portraits, lock into target customer groups, and deeply analyze activity data, so as to better improve activities and improve activity efficiency

  • 02

    Return of regular customers

    According to the social attribute and consumption behavior preference of the target customer group, we can lock the old customers in different levels
    Intelligent matching marketing plan, one-click access, realizing the return of regular customers and increasing restaurant revenue

  • 03

    New customer diversion

    Provide the best marketing plan to attract customers according to the store positioning and potential customer base
    Multi channel optimal promotion and drainage to attract customers

  • 04

    Consumption incentives

    Support a variety of preferential types, including single product discounts, dish gifts, discount dishes, member prices, full discounts, etc., to meet the diverse marketing needs of stores
    Word-of-mouth, through gift coupons, dishes, etc., to encourage customers to actively share dishes pictures to social platforms, so as to bring the old to the new


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