Design service

  • Restaurant basic materials

    logo, dish pictures, recipes, table QR codes, tableware, tissue boxes, takeaway boxes, business cards, employee clothing, etc.

  • Marketing-related materials

    posters, brochures, coupons, membership cards, electronic invitations, APP launch pages, carousel advertisements, etc.

  • Shop decoration

    store signs, outdoor signs, image walls, store layouts, tables and chairs, etc.

Marketing service

  • Official account operation

    Basic services

    official account application, certification, operation plan planning

    Advanced business

    custom menu, WeChat membership, WeChat & Tweeter marketing

  • Membership marketing plan

    Plan formulation

    According to the restaurant's basic data and customer characteristics, set up advanced business of membership plan

    Data marketing

    plan marketing activities based on restaurant operating data and operating status

  • Multi-channel/Scene marketing

    Drain to the store

    set up the membership scheme and advanced business according to the basic data and customer characteristics of the restaurant

    Customized marketing plan

    customize an effective, feasible and high return marketing plan for the store

Operations Support

  • Network construction and deployment

  • Restaurant staff training

  • Multi-dimensional data analysis report

Food and Beverage Institute

  • New Catering

    Release the latest information on the catering industry and provide authoritative revenue data reports for the catering industry

  • Operation management

    restaurant staff management, store operation management, etc., teach all-round skills to improve management efficiency

  • Marketing knowledge

    basic principles of marketing, marketing landing, marketing effect, hand-in-hand teaching

  • Brand strategy

    brand management guidance from 0 to 1, providing professional guidance for brand positioning, establishment, development and maintenance


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