Don't forget the original intention · Weican Times’s party in September

In early autumn and September, with the advent of the Mid-Autumn Festival and national day, the Weican Times ushered party in September.

The theme of this party is "Not forgetting the original intention". The recent death of cherry, the author of "Chibi Maruko-chan", caused a heated discussion on the Internet. The innocent and lovely little meatball always stays at the beautiful age of 9, representing the collective childhood memories of the post-80s and 90s. There is a classic line in the cartoon: "this is the world. There are always some things that can be changed and some can't be changed."

At the sharing meeting, the executive ladies carefully prepared a wealth of snacks, fruits and birthday cakes for the friends, for everyone to enjoy, and create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to relieve daily work pressure.

The friends talked about their own minds about their "Primary aspirations". Although they are old, they remain the source of motivation for adults to keep moving forward. At the same time, the Weican Times is in the growth stage of entrepreneurship, and it is even more necessary for friends to stick to their original intentions, down-to-earth, and work together!

Finally, in this autumn breeze cool, happy day, Weican Times sincerely wish you: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Happy National Day! good health!


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