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Not all restaurants are suitable for take-out during the Spring Festival, but what needs special attention when doing take-out during the Spring Festival? The following precautions should be known to every restaurant owner.

"Should we make takeaways during the Spring Festival?" This is a question that many restaurant owners are worried about. If you don’t do food delivery, you are worried that the store’s weight will be lowered. What should I do?

Not all restaurants are suitable for take-out during the Spring Festival, but what needs special attention when doing take-out during the Spring Festival? The following precautions should be known to every restaurant owner.


Determine your business district

Is it suitable for takeaway

The Spring Festival is the biggest traditional festival of the year. The holidays are long. Both schools and companies will have holidays. Therefore, restaurants in cultural, educational and office business districts are not suitable for business during the Spring Festival.

Consumption during the Spring Festival will be mainly family gathering consumption, so restaurants in residential commercial districts are most suitable for takeaway during the Spring Festival. The more residential areas the restaurant can radiate, the more suitable for takeaway.


Closed restaurants need to pay attention to these 

 、Set a closure period

Takeaway platforms will have a closure period to ensure that the weight of the restaurant will not be reduced due to the Spring Festival holiday. Stores in need must be closed before closing, so as not to affect future operations.

 2 、After the holiday, activate regular customers in the store in time

After the holiday is over, it is necessary to carry out targeted activation for the old customers in the store, and stimulate the old customers to re-consume by receiving coupons and red envelopes. The week before the reopening after the holiday is very important. If the business is good, the platform will give more weight and exposure.


How to adjust the operation of food delivery during the Spring Festival


Online operation

During the Spring Festival, the consumer psychology of customers is generally divided into two types: one is willing to pay for "Geely", and the other is willing to spend money "extraordinarily". According to these two characteristics, we can perform the following operations online:

Store decoration

The doors, posters, dishes, and menus of the take-out stores must be fully updated, and the store decoration will be based on the Spring Festival styles such as "auspicious", "blessing" and "prosperous" to create a festive atmosphere.

At the same time, you can add New Year blessings such as [Ruyi Jixiang], [Every year and more], [Gong Xi Fa Cai] before the name of the dish, which means "Take out in the New Year and bring good luck home", which can make customers happy and uplifted Single rate.

Activity settings

During the Spring Festival, consumers will be less sensitive to prices, and the number of takeaway competitors will be relatively small. Stores can appropriately raise the threshold of activities and reduce the intensity of activities to increase their profit margins.

At the same time, some uncertain small rewards are designed in combination with the Spring Festival theme, such as adding Spring Festival gifts, red envelopes and other options in the menu, allowing customers to draw random gifts and increasing interaction with customers.

Package design

The consumption scenes during the Spring Festival are mainly consumption scenes with more than 3 people such as family dinners and friends gatherings, and tend to be quality consumption. It is recommended that restaurants launch high-quality packages with high customer unit prices for 4, 8, and 10 people.

Platform policy

During the Spring Festival, you must participate in activities organized by the takeaway platform, including regular activities and ordering activities. But for newly opened stores, it is not recommended to use the new store privileges during this period, because the platform traffic is relatively reduced, even if the effect is not obvious.


Offline operation


Prepare personnel well in advance and schedule, and reserve enough personnel to control operations.


Due to the large price increase during the Spring Festival, it is necessary to stock up and purchase in advance before the logistics stop.

Dishes packaging

During the Spring Festival, the rider's capacity is insufficient, and the packaging must be upgraded to a strong, anti-fall packaging, and the insulation performance is better.

The above are all things that need to be paid attention to during the Spring Festival. Whether you do it or not, you should prepare in advance.

If you want to detonate the Spring Festival takeaway, you need to spend more time on the decoration of the takeaway store and event marketing, and take advantage of the consumption momentum of the Spring Festival to make the restaurant sell out orders every day.

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