[Marketing artifact] Please receive the first coupon of autumn

Two brand-new coupon functions: free coupons for consumption and issuance of offline coupons to attract customers in stores and help customers get discounts!

New coupon issuing function

Near National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival
What activities can attract customers
Of course it is consumption with coupons!
to this end
In the micro-meal era, new marketing functions such as coupons for consumption have been launched
Coupons realize multi-channel and multi-group issuance of coupons
Those who want to fill their seats on holiday
Don't miss it!

一、Free coupons for online consumption
If the store wants to do it during National Day
"Free 30 for a single purchase of 100" or "Free 50 for a cumulative purchase of 200"
Free online e-vouchers
You can use the function of "Send Coupons"
On the one hand, customers can feel the substantial benefits
On the other hand, restaurants can be designed according to coupon activities
Guide customer consumption behavior
For example, if a customer spends 90 yuan in a single transaction, he only needs to pay another 10 yuan
You can redeem a coupon of 30 free for a single purchase of 100
Directly increase restaurant customer unit price and repurchase rate
Enter【Merchant Platform】-【Marketing】-【Send Coupons for Consumption】-【New Event】

Create a store exclusive national day voucher sending activity

Add event coupon

You can start the consumption sending activity

Easy to operate!

Businesses can customize "activity time" and "activity rules"“

For example, customers

If the consumption is over 100 yuan, one 10 yuan voucher will be given

If the consumption is over 200 yuan, a coupon of 20 yuan will be given

It can also be distributed to different member groups

After the member meets the conditions

Ordinary members issue 30 yuan discount coupon

Gold members issue 50 yuan discount coupon

Members will be reminded by SMS after receiving the e-ticket!

2、 Offline coupons

Some stores want to have different festivals

For important users or new users of the store

Distribute exquisite "paper coupons"

Simultaneous interpreting and gift giving can greatly improve the success rate of marketing.

At the same time, it can be written off by ordering system

In addition, each coupon QR code is the only valid one

It reduces the possibility of counterfeiting

In this way, you can select the [coupon promotion] function

usage method:

Enter the merchant platform marketing coupons

According to the distribution needs of stores

Create store specific "cash coupon" or "full discount coupon"

Business can be customized

Activity rules, coupon inventory, limited quantity per person, coupon overlay usage

You can also choose dishes that do not participate in the activities

It meets the demand of coupon activities of stores with multiple activities and multiple securities at the same time

Create accurate and effective coupon activities!

Finally, click the corresponding coupon [promotion]

Just generate and download the coupon QR code

And activate the coupon

You can make paper holiday coupons

Distributed to customers

Attract customers to shop

At the end of verification

Just click [coupon] when checking out

If e-ticket, check it directly

If it is a paper voucher, input the code or scan the code for verification

That's it

If you want to use the new function of [coupons] or make paper coupons

Gain more restaurant members

Create an exclusive online and offline discount activity

Become the most popular restaurant in the festival

Please contact relevant marketing personnel in time

There will be a special person to meet your needs!


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