[Product Encyclopedia] Smart Restaurant Cloud System in the Micro Meal Era

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product description

The smart restaurant cloud system in the micro-dining era is a Saas catering management software developed based on cloud technology. The product consists of four system modules: smart restaurant, marketing promotion, smart invoicing, and ultimate service. From arranging numbers, bookings to ordering, cash registering, from the back-end of the restaurant to the front office management, every detail of restaurant operations is fully covered.


Micro Meal Assistant

One-stop operation platform from ordering to cash register

★Core advantages

1. One-click installation, rapid deployment, support offline, normal use without external network;

2. Open the table, order food, place an order, and check out. The specifications, tastes and methods of the dishes are free to choose

3. Multiple payment channels such as aggregated cash, bank cards, membership, bookkeeping, online payment, etc., support personalized payment methods and hybrid payments;

4. Integrated management of members, quick operation of recharge and gift;

5. The order information is updated in real time, and the front desk, dining table and back kitchen are synchronized;

6. Rich marketing methods, custom discount methods, to meet any marketing scenario;

7. Realize one-click shift and print daily statements, which is convenient for cashier and reconciliation;

8. Support quick query of dish report, clear dish and dish sales at a glance;

9. Support multi-language switching, which can be used by waiters of different nationalities

10. Wide range of application: adapt to group control, multiple business formats of a group or multiple business models of the same store;


Micro Meal Recipe

Multi-language visualized electronic recipes

★Core advantages

1. Support customers to order food, display the category, price, picture, and taste of dishes;

2. Visualization of dishes, high-definition physical map display, improve the quality of the restaurant;

3. Chinese, English, Cambodian, Japanese, Vietnamese and other multi-language switching to solve language communication barriers, applicable to various restaurants around the world;

4. Timely reminders for the evaluation of dishes, easy setting for calling and packing, and efficient ordering;

5. Order meals with member accounts, display stored value balance, and record member consumption preferences;


Merchant platform

Shop efficiency tool for centralized management of people, finances and materials

★Core advantages

1. Cloud management, support multi-terminal login, real-time synchronization of restaurant information;

2. Multi-dimensional data analysis, support to view reports on sales, orders, dishes, membership, etc.;

3. Quickly set store information, wipe zero method, table type, payment channel;

4. Customize small ticket printing settings, pre-statement, customer statement, billing statement, back kitchen bill;

5. Personalized surcharges, tea table fees, service fees, and taxes;

6. Unified management of dishes, classification, quantity, specifications and sales time of dishes;

7. Account authority management, one-key management of authority, operation history is well documented.


Micro Meal Cloud Report

A small program for real-time monitoring of store data

★Core advantages

1. WeChat mini programs and apps are displayed in multiple formats, ready to use;

2. Store reports are pushed regularly on WeChat, and daily revenue is obtained in time;

3. Without going to the store, you can view multiple store reports on your mobile phone, and remotely monitor store business conditions.


Micro Meal KDS

Back kitchen system that intelligently controls the dishes

★Core advantages

1. Change the traditional paper receipt mode, and the electronic screen of the kitchen will automatically take orders, which is environmentally friendly and efficient;

2. Orders are distributed in chronological order and according to the type of dishes, and different catering areas are allocated;

3. Order dynamic real-time monitoring, check the production progress at any time, and improve the communication efficiency between the front hall and the back kitchen;

4. Multi-form dishing, double-click dishing, search dishing, and one-dimensional code dishing;

5. Linked with the number screen, customize the number of calls, and notify customers to pick up meals in time.


Micro point

Multi-scene self-service ordering system

★Core advantages

1. Support mobile ordering in multiple forms:

(1) Remote ordering: ordering through the official account of the merchant, applicable for take-out, reservation, and queuing to order in advance;

(2) Order by scanning the table code: support multiple people to order at the same time, suitable for businesses that take a seat first and then order;

(3) Scan the store code to order: complete the payment after scanning the code, applicable to merchants who order the food first and then sit down;

2. Support merchants to issue e-coupons by themselves, which can control the quantity, time and redemption conditions;

3. Form a personal menu according to the customer's ordering habits and shorten the ordering time.


Micro Meal Arrangement

Queuing tool for smart calling

★Core advantages

1. Customers can pick up the number by themselves, and the system will automatically call the number, alleviating the service pressure during peak periods;

2. Online number collection, customers can obtain the latest queuing information online at WeChat;

3. WeChat pushes the queuing process to save waiting time.


Micro Meal Invoicing

An intelligent management platform integrating procurement, inventory and sales

★Core advantages

1. Transparency of purchase information, integrated management of suppliers, raw materials, costs, storage and delivery, and traceability of the source of purchases;

2. Real-time statistics of inventory data, one-click generation of purchase lists, and systematization of purchasing, in and out procedures

3. Inventory timely warning, automatic reminder of food expiration, stock accumulation, and insufficient stock.


The smart restaurant cloud system in the micro-dining era provides services to merchants in different categories of catering, retail, beauty and other services, providing a software and hardware integrated Saas solution to help businesses realize digital and intelligent operations and achieve efficient management!

In addition, the micro-dining era continues to introduce new products, accelerate research and development, and soon there will be more new products and new functions to serve many businesses!

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