From tomorrow, 10 billion consumer coupons will be issued! The restaurant's

Consumer vouchers will continue to increase efforts, and policies will be vigorously supported to target a wider and deeper user group. As a restaurant company, it should be smarter to borrow and save itself


The government issues consumer vouchers to stimulate consumption

Beginning in March this year, local governments have issued various consumer vouchers to stimulate consumption.

According to statistics from the Southern Metropolis Daily, more than 18 provinces and cities across the country issue catering vouchers in the whole province or designated cities. Hangzhou’s first batch of 20 million yuan of consumer vouchers stimulated consumption of 453 million yuan, with a boosting effect of more than 20 times, and even 80% of the passenger flow of some catering stores was settled by catering vouchers.

Big data on a certain platform also showed that 72 hours after the online consumer coupons in a city, the overall catering order transaction volume increased by 655% year-on-year, and the transaction volume of participating merchants was more than 4 times higher than that of non-participating merchants.

On the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival, citizen Ms. Jia took her family to the Yanchun Restaurant for morning tea. “Parents don’t know how to operate mobile phones. I’m the only one who'grabs' consumption coupons at home. Today, I specially brought my parents to eat their favorite morning tea.” Ms. Jia said that the meal was really cheaper by 50 yuan, and the merchant gave it another 100. The breakfast with RMB coupons made the family and her very satisfied. She also bought two large boxes of meat.

It can be said that the role of consumer vouchers has been fully demonstrated. Many catering companies have also matched their own restaurants with preferential measures to attract new customers, promote old customers, and quickly "return blood."


10 billion consumption coupons for national catering companies

Since July 1, Alipay has launched a 10 billion consumer coupons drainage campaign, issuing national consumer coupons for 17 consecutive days, subsidizing nearly 10 billion yuan.

From now on, you can search for "717 registration" on Alipay, and register for free to participate in the "717 Carnival of Life" organized by Alipay. You can become an event merchant. Customers can use coupons when they arrive at the store, and the store will have the opportunity to be exposed online.

Ant Financial Chen Guanhua said: “No matter how small a store is, you can sign up, and it’s very simple. Just fill in the store name, industry and other information, and you can all enjoy the digital dividends brought by consumer vouchers.” This is undoubtedly for small and micro catering companies. It is a "pie in the sky", which can be promoted and advertised on large platforms without spending money. It also supports self-added coupons, which greatly improves the flexibility of restaurant operations.

Behind this tens of billions of subsidies is the active and effective intervention of the government or enterprises in accordance with market laws. For the coupons issued, take the "RMB 50 minus RMB" consumer coupons as an example. The issuer used RMB 50 to boost consumption growth by 3 times. This 3 times is the leverage ratio. The use of “leverage” can increase consumption and expand Consumer demand, which drives supply growth, is also a "express ticket" for fast catering.


Catering companies must take advantage of their efforts and save themselves

In some media surveys, it is still found that many catering businesses do not know how to participate in the issuance and use of consumer coupons, and the stores have not issued physical coupons or electronic coupons to customers themselves.

For example, in early June, a batch of 3 million consumer vouchers for offline catering and shopping in Beijing were issued, but in a food street, only two knew that there was only one restaurant that could actually use consumer vouchers.

As the well-known economist Lin Yifu believes, the epidemic has impacted both the supply side and the demand side. Issuing consumer vouchers can play a role of "two birds with one stone", which not only increases the possibility of consumption, but also according to the most affected industry categories. To design the direction of consumption coupons and directly help small, medium and micro enterprises.

In addition, as small and medium-sized catering businesses, if they miss the opportunity to use official coupons, they must also create opportunities to "self-help".

Luckin Coffee is a reference. Luckin, as a consumer vouchers, is currently facing a serious financial crisis, but Luckin Coffee’s orders are still increasing.

Many Luckin store customers are divided into two types. One is worried that Luckin will be closed and the balance or coupons are nowhere to be used. The other is brand fans who are worried that they will not be able to drink such a cost-effective coffee and support them with practical actions. Among them, they are more concerned about coupons rather than financial fraud.


Under the current consumption situation, customers who hold consumer coupons will definitely choose "consumer coupon merchants" first. As a catering business, it should be smarter to adapt to changes in the market. Under the impact of the "consumer coupon wave", proactively optimize the store discount system and launch attractive discount activities to achieve self-help.


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