These 5 steps create private domain traffic, allowing catering people to achieve

The epidemic has prompted restaurants to open up new profit points, so mining private domain traffic has become a compulsory course for catering people!

Core guide:

Under the epidemic, many catering people have begun to pay attention to the creation of private domain traffic, with the goal of firmly grasping customers and achieving an increase in restaurant turnover.

Generally speaking, the creation of restaurant private domain traffic will start from the acquisition of customers, the creation of a restaurant's WeChat personal account, the operation of social platforms such as Moments, and the later establishment of a membership system and even a distribution system.

Although many restaurants have been doing this, most of them have had little effect because they have not built a systematic private domain traffic operation plan.


Restaurant research

Before making a private domain traffic operation plan, we must figure out the three questions of "what is the status quo," "what does the product have," and "what customers want".

1、What is the status quo

To investigate the status quo of restaurants, we can combine online and offline field visits and business data to clarify the actual situation and formulate solutions suitable for restaurants.

The content includes: the number and distribution of stores, decoration style, main dishes, nearby competitors, traffic in front of the store, number of people entering the store, number of orders, number of members, etc. Specific methods can be on-site statistics and export ordering system data, in-depth analysis of restaurant conditions.

"Business Report" on the Merchant Platform in the Micro Meal Era

2、What's in the product

Different from brands, product research emphasizes restaurant product characteristics, to find out where the real advantages of restaurant products are?

Take Ba Nu as an example, with hairy tripe and fungus soup as the core, and black-bone chicken rolls, hydrangea, fresh duck blood and other 12 hot products. Banu Maodu hot pot has not only brought the sub-category of "Mao Du Hot Pot", but has also become the "top brand" of hot pot sub-categories based on ingredients. On the basis of insisting on the Maodu hot pot, the taste and form are constantly upgraded to make the taste more in line with the popular favorite.

3、 What do customers think

To understand customers, you need to build user portraits, know their age, gender, education, income, interests and consumption habits, etc., before you can design more suitable activities for customers.

Take the hot pot category as an example. 90% of consumers are 22-40 years old, and the male to female ratio is 4:6. Some of them are young students and white-collar workers aged 22-28. High sharing power will introduce friends to a certain degree of fission effect; while the other part of the group with family as a unit has a small number of customers, but the repurchase ability is very strong, and the sharing power is also good.


WeChat build

As a mass platform, WeChat has extremely high daily active users and usage frequency. Creating a WeChat personal account is an important step in establishing a restaurant private domain traffic position, and it is also a place to cultivate loyal users.

The design of WeChat personal account includes three points: avatar, name, and personalized signature:


The avatar of the WeChat personal account is the image that customers see as belonging to the restaurant at the first glance. Therefore, we should adopt clear and friendly avatars, and avoid using “self-feeling” good images such as web maps, scenery, and stars. The high-definition images of the clerk serving in the restaurant not only show the store environment, but also reflect the thoughtful service and shorten the distance with customers.


The name is a specific supplement to the avatar to make the whole image more real and full. It is recommended to use the form of shop name + pattern + person's name, such as Haidilao (hot pot pattern) Xiao Wang. Avoid using strange names such as the A prefix, an agent, and phone number. It can not only increase the sense of reality, but also facilitate customers' WeChat search.

3、Personalized signature

Personalized signatures on WeChat can be used as advertising slogans for restaurants, as supplementary instructions for individuals or restaurant brands.

It’s best to include some achievements or story content in the personalized signature, so that the customer feels helpful, such as an interesting Phnom Penh hot pot person.


Content creation

After creating the WeChat account, you need to use Moments to do some content output. Here you need a content execution detail, which specifies the time, frequency, content and type of sending each day. Generally, one week of content is prepared in advance.

As far as dining is concerned, it can be at 8 am, 11 am, 5 pm, and 9 pm. This time is the time before the meal and can attract the attention of friends who need to eat.

It’s not easy to send too many times a day to avoid customer disgust. The recommended range is 3-4 times.

Regarding the content output of Moments, we adopt the following content composition:

(1) Food picture sharing + text 30% (share like a friend)

(2) 30% of food practice process (show that you are helpful to customers

(3) Daily life 20% (make the image of personal account closer to life)

(4) 20% of sales advertising (take the form of dialogue instead of hard advertising)


WeChat add fan

After preparing the WeChat personal account, the next step is to make customers become friends. To realize adding fans, the following points need to be observed:

(1) There are "profits" for customers (attractive discounts)

(2) Reasonable cost (controllable profit)

(3) Easy operation for customers and executors (simple rules)

(4) Add friends to redeem discounts (to achieve conversion)

Among them, the activity adding fans is set as far as possible in the two periods of customer ordering and customer paying. On the one hand, customers have sufficient time to participate, and on the other hand, it is easier to accept activity recommendations. At the same time, the event rules and QR code should also be prepared in advance so that customers can understand the event and add friends.


WeChat transaction

In the advertisements we make on WeChat, customers often contact us to make appointments or place orders through WeChat, such as group grouping, limited-time discounts, etc. At this time, we can pull interested customers into the community, reply to customers uniformly, and reduce one-to-one Communication and service costs.

In addition, these communities are best "pop-up groups", which will be disbanded after the event, reducing manpower to maintain and becoming an advertising group, which can also satisfy the curiosity of customers.

(1)Before the event

The materials that need to be prepared include: event posters, event links, event words, buyer shows, etc., and "rehearse" in advance to familiarize yourself with the process.

(2)After the event starts

We attract users into the group through limited time and red envelope discounts, prepare a few "active users", and stimulate the enthusiasm of members in the group by launching some topics. At the same time, we can trigger a herd effect through the form of solitaire [serial number + name + quantity], creating a lively event Atmosphere.

(3)After the event

We can pay one-on-one return visits to strive for more sales.


Under the epidemic, the catering industry quickly shuffled, big brands sinking into the market, grabbing traffic, and small brands building barriers to recover. The value of catering customers is reflected in long-term repurchase. If there is no private domain traffic, how many customers will be lost? How much business was lost?

The epidemic is ruthless and people are affectionate. The micro-dining era will provide more dry goods to create private domain traffic for the majority of catering merchants, help merchants comprehensively improve customer acquisition and profitability, and overcome difficulties together!


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