Weican cloud report

A small program that is convenient for managers to view store reports in real time, easy to grasp the operating status of the restaurant

Real-time data visualization

multi-dimensional statistics of restaurant data, you can view the daily, weekly, and monthly reports of the store's operations, including business reports, real-time dining tables, order reports, dish reports, stored value reports, dining table reports and other modules for business decision-making Provide data support

Ready to use

wechat small program form is available immediately, wechat
account authorization management, store business data is only
visible to authorized personnel, business information security is guaranteed

Time regularly

Wechat send message reminders regularly, and the daily
revenue is clear at a glance. You can view reports anytime
and anywhere, and manage the financial information in time

Merchant platform

An intelligent management of catering system platform, integration of multi-channel order management

Inventory management

Report analysis runs through all aspects of the system, and the data are closely linked

  • Transparency of purchase platform

    The supply chain information is transparent, the source of goods and the supplier's prices are clear, and the platform orders and pays with one button, so as to prevent fraud
    Comparing the key indicators of suppliers, the selection is more scientific; the source of the purchase can be traced, and the quality is strictly controlled

  • Real time update of sales data

    Real-time statistics of restaurant’s sales data and accurate calculation of raw material inventory
    Automatically calculate food requirements and generate a purchase list with one click

  • Accurate inventory

    Accurately record each inventory transactions and provide completely of inventory record
    Automatic alert of shortage and surplus of food materials in inventory which can reduce the pressure and risk of decision-making
    Inventory data is updated in real time, guiding the promotion of dishes, reducing food waste, and maximizing benefits

  • Intelligent report and clarify the benefit

    Automatic statistics and intelligent analysis of business data and purchase data by year, month and day, to avoid errors in manual statistics, reduce brain-burning decisions, and help businesses formulate comprehensive and timely solutions

  • The accounts are transparent and can be viewed at any time

    Report analysis runs through all aspects of the system, and the data are closely linked
    Transparent accounts, investors can check the restaurant's revenue at any time


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