What should I do if the printer does not issue an order or disconnected?

1、If the pop-up box of [Micro Print Service Disconnected] appears, or a red exclamation mark appears in the column of [Print Host]

(1) Close [Micro Print] and reopen it, click the "square" button below, and click the clear icon of "Broom"

(2) Click [Weican Assistant] to log in, click the icon in the upper right corner, select [Hardware Configuration], rescan and confirm

(3) Check whether the network where the [Micro Print] ordering machine is installed is normally connected: Settings-Wired network (use the browser to check the Internet)

Note: The wired network and Wifi of the ordering machine cannot be turned on at the same time; if the ordering machine is usually connected to a wired network, the Wifi needs to be turned off; otherwise it will cause an abnormal order

(4) Perform "Equipment inspection" again to get the latest status

2、If one or several printers display a red exclamation mark or are offline, it still appears after refreshing several times:

 (1) Check whether the power supply or the network cable of the switch is disconnected

 (2) Check whether the network connection of the printer is normal, check the network port on the back of the printer

Normal phenomenon: the green light flashes, and the yellow light is always on.

Abnormal phenomenon: the lights are not on or flashing yellow.

 (3) Restart the printer

 (4) Re-run "Equipment test" on the ordering machine [Weican Assistant] to get the latest status.

 (5) Print the self-check paper to check if the IP conflicts or change

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