Queuing number setting

1、Set the type of queuing arrangement

There are mostly four types of queuing number arrangement: small table, medium table, large table and extra-large table. The number of people can be set for each type, and the system will automatically increase the calculation.

Click "associate table", select the corresponding table from the list on the left, add it to the list on the right, save, and the system will automatically calculate the number of free tables according to the table status.

2、Open remote access

On the premise of opening the "Wei order" application, the customer can queue up to get the number through the merchant's online store by turning on the remote access switch.

3、Set auto reset 

Turn on the "automatic reset number" switch, the system will automatically reset the number according to set up reset’s time, and the number in the queue will also be automatically passed number. 

4、Turn on the TV screen

If you install and use the TV version of Weican arrangement, you can turn on the switch and set the TV IP address, which will send the number information in real time and broadcast it through the TV.

5、Set up the TV advertisement

        After turning on the TV screen, you can set the print ads to be put in the "marketing" – “TV advertising”.

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