• Promotion

    excellent cases of packaging promotion, Baidu promotion, online advertising, video, exhibition,
    ad-text promotion and other three-dimensional advertising dissemination, partners will enjoy
    massive customer resources and market support

  • Operational

    provide industry solutions and event marketing programs

  • Training

    Online learning platform (training videos, PPT, sales words and sales skills documents), the employees of the agents can go to the nearest directly-operated cities for training and learning at any time

  • Reward

    regular selection of outstanding agents, a number of rewards and subsidies will be provided for agents with active operations and outstanding achievements, so that advanced players can obtain greater benefits

  • Conference

    The agent is responsible for venue reservations, customer invitations and conference procedures; provides conference sales lecturer services, and provides support for promotional materials

  • Customer service

    Provide 7*24 hours online after-sales technical support to respond to service needs at any time

  • Technical

    If a service provider encounters a technical problem in daily operations, it can directly report it to the headquarters through various channels such as telephone and WeChat, and the headquarters will arrange for professional guidance to solve it

  • Material

    Provide materials such as product manuals, product brochures, training materials, and promotional videos

Agent cooperation process

  • Apply

  • Review

  • Negotiate

  • Sign

  • Pay

  • Train

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